I have written poetry on and off for the past 30 years. I thought it was time to share some with you, in the hope you will like it.  


Perhaps it will resonate with you.  It may even provide you with some insight or comfort, if I'm really lucky!

Sometimes silly, never complicated, always heartfelt, it has certainly given me insight and comfort at particular times in my life.  

November 2020

A Tale of Two Birds


Who are you? asked the cormorant as he stood proud in the tree,

Who are you? retorted Heron, as the water lapped his knee.

The cormorant smirked and shouted, in a very hefty way:

I’m a bird that can dive deeply, there ain't nothin’ in my way.

My beak is long, my wings are wide, I get just what I want,

I’ve friends in top high places and an air of nonchalance.


Heron sighed and breathed in deeply at this obnoxious bird,

He shifted his position, thinking Cormorant’s absurd!

He thinks he’s high and mighty, but the truth is he’s a berk;

Who needs crass lively shouting, when you’re trying to do your work?


But Cormorant wouldn’t leave it, wanting further conversation;

He flew down from his drying spot to make more irritation.

He bounced up near to Heron, almost causing him to tumble;

Do you mind? fumed the heron, in a very fed up grumble.


Where’s your mates? quizzed the cormorant;

How come you’re alone all day?

And you stand there very still;

Don’t you ever want to play?


I am minding my own business!

Snapped the heron, with disdain;

If you want to know the truth,

I think I’m the one that’s sane!


I am deep in contemplation

As I wait here for my dinner;

And I’d rather be a loner

Than a fighter and a sinner!


How insulting, cried the cormorant;

I’ve done nothing wrong!

I just called out to be friendly;

Not an act to come on strong

Now up there in the branches

Was an owl that had been woken;

She’d  been stirred there from her slumber

By all the land commotion;

She swept down from her resting place

In a quest to share her wisdom:

You two are all a kilter

I can help with my opinion.


You are neither who your friends are

Nor your choice for isolation;

Your preference for a party, Corm

Is down to evolution


Herons always live alone;

It’s part of their attraction

They’re born that way, to be a bird

That doesn’t need distraction.


So WHO ARE WE? Questioned H & C 

With mint co-ordination

They looked upon the owl

For the perfect explanation


When you’re basking C in sunlight

With your wings spread wide and free

And you’re diving deep in water 

In the flow of life, with glee


And for H, when you are soaring

Over lakes and land and sea;

Or you’re firmly in the moment

As you stand there intensely


The love you feel for your pursuits

Is what makes you connected

To the universe and all that is;

Your own unique perspective


The whispers of your soul in flight

Reminding you of wonder

As you feel the breeze upon your face

The sun, the moon, the thunder


Who you are is not your hobbies

Nor your good points or afflictions

It’s the light you shine upon the world by following your bliss;

If you focus on the inside you cannot go a-miss


Then suddenly the sunlight shone a perfect light on earth;

Right said Owl, that’s far too bright

I must get to my berth!


I hope you two now understand

Your real authentic worth;

And see that neither one of you

Has everything on earth


I really need you settled 

As I have to get my sleep!

Cormorant, please remember 

Heron’s waters can run deep


And Heron please forgive him;

He can’t help his crazy banter

He has to be himself;

We all need our own true mantra


With that the owl departed

The same way that she came

Then Heron smiled at Cormorant

And the cormorant did the same

They realised that their truth was the object and the aim


And C swam in the water, feeling lucky with his lot

While H stood tall among the reeds, with a newfound sense of peace;

He didn’t have to try too hard, approval is the key

Now he’d learned the secret was acceptance and just be.

October 2020

Collage of Dreams

My life is a canvas of potential

I want everything - MORE!

May I create a collage of dreams

Fill in the gaps

And sketch over the top

Etchings, scribbles and doodles

Play with light and tone

Textures and tapestry

Drawing into the depth of my soul

Practice new methods

Frayed edges and burnt wood

Freedom from fear

To display my discoveries

Some will see the beauty

Notice their mistakes in my work

Then declare themselves perfect anyway

For we create the drama

That makes the heart sing

And the spirit cry and wail

In the wisdom, the existence 

In this beautiful world


© 2019 by Heron Moon