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Grow Your Holistic Business

Heron Moon Marketing Support Services

We offer a consultancy and practical service.  Established in January 2022, we exist to provide external promotional support to growing holistic businesses via copywriting, creative development, sales management, marketing strategy and press engagement.


Build your business.  We share your story with the right people in the right places.

With a great plan in place, we produce outstanding content for your existing or prospective markets in order to raise your profile and sell your service or product.


What's your story?  

Engaging stories are the essence of effective PR and marketing.  We can help you get yours told to the right audience.  

Who are you?  Where have you come from?  And where do you want to go?  

A discovery consultation will help us establish more about the emotional benefits of the service or product you are offering. 

This enables you/us to create amazing content for all media channels.

With a clear narrative established, we work together to devise a plan.  Via traditional media, social, digital, blogs, vlogs, events or campaigns, we use your story as a foundation on which to build wonderful things.  

So how many pounds and pence do we expect from you in exchange for our experience and expertise? 

Well, it depends.....but here is a bit of a guideline for popular services:


1/2 day - £300 / full day - £500

Blog writing - One off - £200 / agreed 6-12 months contract @ £150 per post

Copywriting / Press releases - £75 per hour

Event Management - £75 per hour



Social Media Management

PR/Marketing Management 

Award Submissions

Sales Coaching/Strategy/Management


We are in a new era, where new ways of working are being established.  

Businesses are beginning to adapt to a workforce that is determined to enjoy a fulfilled life.

Flexible working is (and should be) more common.  People are tired of thinking about work/life balance, desperately trying to get to the end of the week.  

With mindfulness as the antidote to striving hard for a future that never comes, people want to live their lives in the moment.

We believe in equality, truth and compassion.  

We aim to work with like-minded individuals and companies to carve new, fun and creative working environments, where nobody is asked to compromise their values and everyone assumes good intentions.


As well as 121 consultancy, we run one-day workshops to help you market your business, in-person in Godalming, Surrey. Follow the link on the button below to book onto the next course:

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