Sound Healing

"After the Sound Bath I slept solid - I didn't move from 10 till 6!"

Tibetan Singing bowls have been used for spiritual and healing purposes since ancient times. Vibrations stimulate cells deep in the body as well as creating a pulsation of sound to entrain the brain.  The sounds generated become energy medicine that promotes healing, while the unique tones create the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages. 

The best way to experience a sound session is 121, in the comfort of your own home, where we can tailor the experience to suit you.  We can even combine with coaching if you like. You can book a single sound bath, or regular sessions.  

Group bookings are also welcomed for 2-10 people, in a suitable chosen location.  Perfect for a relaxing treat, perhaps even a hen do!  

Group online sound meditations run regularly.  You can drop-in, but I also offer an Unlimited Sound Membership for just £20 pcm, which gives you access to my private Facebook group where the session are held.


I also go out and about doing in-person events in Surrey and West Sussex, sometimes in gorgeous collaboration with other wonderful therapists, including yoga and sound as well as retreat days.​

The best way to find out is to experience it for yourself first hand.  Why not drop me a message and I will see what I can do for you?

Best wishes,


NB: I offer concessions for carers and those on low incomes.


Recent praise for sound sessions:

"I have always been a bit sceptical of EVERYTHING in terms of healing with bowls or crystals etc. but as always you try again... I've just been to Rebecca about an hour ago and I feel AWESOME!  I can't quite believe it, but my body and mind feel refreshed and energised. I don't remember how long ago I felt this kind of happy unjudged (by me) energy. She heard me. Actually heard me when we chatted and then she Tibetan bowl vibrated me out of my head into a safe and comforting state of mind. I normally have abundant self doubt and now feel like I am ok. that's crazy! I never feel ok. Maybe I can be me and do me. thank you! thank you! thank you!" 

B Reinhardt

"Just had my receipt from you for my Sound Sessions membership and I want to thank you.  Making this payment makes me feel really lucky, grateful and held in your wonderful sound group and I feel very privileged to be part of it and your work" 

L Bellamy

"Loved my first gong bath! Slept really well afterwards. Thank you for your kind gesture for NHS workers. Can't wait to experience a real gong bath one day!"

S Helen

"Really great sound sessions, so so calming and always relaxes me!"  

Os La

"Hello Becky, the session last night was beautiful. I went off to sleep while listening. You're doing a great job! Stay blessed."

M Shaikh

"Experienced my first ever sound bath online session today. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was so relaxing and I actually fell asleep 20-25mins in. I woke up and felt so calming relaxed and felt like a lot of tension had been lifted already! Amazing experience I can not wait for the next one! Thank you Becky"  

F Patsy

"Becky is a wonderful force to be around, her beautiful sound bath on a fresh Sunday afternoon was absolutely perfect at Russetts Woodland yoga. She cultivated a grounding, nurturing space with her bowls, drums, and the lovely windchimes. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend."  

L Evans

"Under incredibly turbulent circumstances Becky created a sacred space of beautiful energy. I felt a deep sense of both connection and release during the session and have felt lighter since. I can't wait to repeat the experience. Thank you"  

A Colucci-Jones

"Did the zoom sound bath. It was lovely. I stumbled across your page on Facebook and seen the event tonight and booked on. I adore sound baths so to be able to do this from the comfort of home was amazing. Considering it was over microphone and then my speaker it was good. Obviously not the same quality as in person but I could still feel the power of the sound.

As for the reading.... I've recently become a yoga teacher and am teaching under the name.... after glow yoga. That card blew my mind that you pulled it out tonight. A reassuring reminder that there is so much more out there on our side here to get us through this covid nightmare.  And for now our job is to breathe, relax and restore ourselves and the world!

Thanks and I'll be on again soon!"  

A Williams

" I went to Heron Moon’s sound healing event with Tibetan singing bowls. It was very relaxing and helped me get into a deep meditative state. I recommend trying out a session"  

T Driver

" That was a really revitalising session thank you so much. Really enjoying my journey with sound. Your healing and my Tibetan practice with mantras has helped on so many levels. The throat chakra is my strength and weakness depending on where I'm at. Great session again Becky xx"  

C Lewis

" The sound & healing session was a perfect gift for my wife. I look forward to more in the future as the wife is wonderfully relaxed.  Thank you Rebecca"  

M Adams

"Becky held the most beautiful 1:1 sound healing journey for me with her bowls. I felt so cared for, nurtured, and supported by a guided meditation and then the bowls experience I could drop into a space of relaxation. I felt really 'aligned' after the experience. My body felt lighter and more relaxed. I could feel a sense of joy and my body was so grateful for the experience! Becky is very intuitive and she supports a safe and healing space both in her way of listening and communicating, and with the bowls and guided meditation. Thank you Becky. I would highly recommend Becky as a coach and sound healer"

C Henderson

"Wonderful experience today. This is the third session now with Heron Moon. What a great way to start a Sunday!"  

R Barabich

Exciting News! I am now qualified as a Internationally Accredited Sound Healing Instructor!  If you are interested in any future courses, please follow the link below to register your interest:

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