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Transformational Life Coaching


"Friends and family were genuinely shocked at what I could do following my life coaching course!"


Life is wonderful, awkward, messy, fun, challenging, happy, sad, manic, scary, beautiful..... it's unpredictable and change is inevitable. 


At times it's good to seek extra support, to help you make sense of yourself and the decisions you are making.  Friends and family may have your best interests at heart (or not?!) but can be too close. A coach helps you explore options objectively, so you can grow and develop in the direction you choose.

I am a certified Life Coach, with lots of experience.  I  qualified over 10 years ago, with a certificate and diploma from Newcastle college.  The programme I took was written by the renowned life coach, and best-selling author, Fiona Harrold. 

Over the years I have brought my coaching skills successfully into the workplace and developed my skills through practice and self-study.

I use traditional coaching models, but adapt my style to best fit you.  It works well!  Clients have reported amazing results (see Success Stories below) and I have really enjoyed seeing them flourish.


My desire is to help you experience your life as fully as possible, for you to be fulfilled and to have resilience.  Nobody can be happy all of the time, but there are ways of managing stress and difficult circumstances that you can learn.  Also, you can be successful without setting huge goals.

I believe in setting intentions, making small shifts to encourage growth and development.  There is no need for  you to be hard on yourself.  I will encourage you to find the answers you are looking for within.  


With tried and tested techniques and gentle exploration we can work together to help you get to where you want and need to be next.

My life is by no means perfect and I am learning every day, but I have made some significant life-changing decisions over the past decade that have allowed me to find purpose. 

If you feel stuck and you are wondering what to do, why not set up a free phone or video call (button below) or we can meet in person, with no obligation to commit? 


You never know what delights might be store for you just around the corner!


Image by Anchor Lee

Rosemary - Journalist

I didn't know what to expect with life coaching, and as a naturally reserved person I was a bit sceptical about whether it would really work for me. 


However, Rebecca put me at ease during our first conversation and we developed a good rapport. During our weekly sessions, she was incredibly supportive but also adept at helping me to address some of my negative thought processes and how to focus on tackling my insecurities, raise my confidence, and reach my goals through practical steps and tips.


As well as discussions, Rebecca set me a series of objectives to help me achieve my bigger goals. Each completed task made me confront my fears and increased my confidence because I had successfully moved to the next objective.


Over the weeks I felt I'd made significant steps.  I felt more confident about driving having followed Rebecca's instructions to visualise what my life would be like after passing my test.


I struggled with feeling self-conscious about being out on my own in public places  - even in the work canteen. But Rebecca helped me to discuss my fears and the thought processes behind them and how I could think about things in a different, positive way.  As a result, it made me act differently.


I felt more empowered through Rebecca's guidance and I had more direction. I would often procrastinate and worry about the minutiae of things but she helped me to centre my thoughts, to think more clearly, positively and overcome the negative thought processes that have dogged my life, holding me back for years. Habits take time to develop but Rebecca showed me that over time new ones can be created.


With my new confidence, focus and support I passed my driving test and I relished going to lunch on my own - not just to the office canteen, but visiting coffee shops, cafes and parks.


The life coaching process has really had a transformative effect on my life.


Rebecca's support, guidance, objectives and faith in me have empowered me to take things further: I went to Paris for four days, on my own; whilst there I visited French cafes and restaurants and went on a canal ride - surounded by couples. I also went to see family, that I'd never seen before, in Ghana, on my own - my first experience of visiting the country; and I went on a singles holiday to Turkey. All of those trips have helped to cement and build on the skills and habits I have learned.


Friends and family were genuinely shocked at what I could do following my life coaching course!


I would definitely recommend life coaching, with Rebecca, to anyone who thinks they need direction, support and help to reach their goals or external help to break negative habits which can stop you from achieving what you want.

Kathy - Housing Manager

I started the Be True to Course in 2020 – just a few months into the pandemic crisis!


Like a lot of people I felt so overwhelmed by what we were living through and experiencing so I reached out to Becky. It felt the right time to re-connect with myself as I felt like I had lost that connection with myself. I felt like I was existing rather than living.

Be True to You course was amazing, from start to finish it was full of content. Becky has a wonderful ability to be able to join people together from all walks of life and make it feel like a community from the get go. The atmosphere (albeit on Zoom) was there instantly and not only was I feeling re-connection with myself I felt a connection to Becky and the other attendees.

During the course the exercises that Becky gave us was carefully thought out – it got the best out of me, and I was able to recognise quite quickly the areas of my life that needed attention.

Before the course had ended I signed up to Becky’s 1:1 coaching – I am still receiving 1:1 coaching a year later.


The coaching is where I have been able to focus more and can honestly say, where it has changed my life.


I am more confident, bubbly and stronger in my own opinion of myself. It has made me make decisions surrounding work where normally I would procrastinate for months and then that would turn into worry.

The coaching with Becky is a day of the week I look forward to – it is an hour set aside to discuss my decisions, events and anything else that has cropped up that week.


It is an avenue for me to put across how I’m feeling in a safe, non – judgemental space. Becky listens, advises but always asks me what direction I am going in.

I would highly recommend Becky – she has helped me love myself again, something that I was find terribly difficult to do.


For that, I will always be grateful xx

Image by Wally Holden

Hayley - Teacher

When I met Becky, I had not really come across life coaching before and did not really know what to expect.


I initially took part in the ‘Be true to you’ group coaching course and was surprised at how much I felt the impact of setting some time for myself and having things to work towards each week.


In my 1 to 1 sessions with Becky, she put me completely at ease and is always supportive and encouraging. She has helped me to recognise things that I am good at and things I wanted to do but didn’t have the confidence for. She has also challenged me when I needed challenging, gently helping me out of my comfort zone  and helping me to break down my objectives into manageable steps.


Looking back, I can see just how far I have come and how much I have achieved, from making more time for myself on a regular basis, to asking for opportunities at work that I did not have the confidence to ask for (and getting them!) to this week completing the diploma that I started right at the beginning of my journey with Becky!


Life coaching has been a fantastic experience, it has really helped me to have Becky there even in between our sessions  to encourage me along and celebrate my successes with me.


I have found it also helps me to have someone to be accountable to, to check in with me when I have said I will do something, but who also reminds me that even when I haven’t quite stuck to my plan, I am still making progress and helps me back on track! 


I was feeling quite lost when I came to coaching, I knew I wanted to make changes, but I couldn’t work out where to start and I was feeling pretty demotivated during the pandemic.


Working with Becky has given me clarity and confidence and I can’t believe how much progress I have made.


I definitely recommend Becky and life coaching to anyone, it has been fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to take part in more coaching in the future.

NB: All names above have been changed to ensure client confidentiality

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