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Group Coaching


This has been fantastic, I feel motivated to make some

positive changes and prioritise myself more.."

About Group Coaching from Heron Moon

Be True to You has been developed to help women who are on the edge of awakening. Many find themselves burnt-out and disillusioned with life prior to a breakthrough. This course is designed to help women identify and release blocks and push through to the next level. 


I believe, we make our way in a man's world, often with incredible success, but we start to feel as if we are lacking purpose.  We find ourselves saying 'there must be more to life than this!' We have un-met ambitions and a drive towards something more meaningful.  We feel drawn to a more feminine way of being.  We may know exactly what we want to do with our lives, but lack confidence to take the next step. Or we may just have a feeling we want to do something different, but we can't work out where our gifts and talents lie.  Also, we are tied to old ideas of what success and believe we have to strive, to multi-task, to get up extra early and push ourselves hard/set ourselves strict goals.  Many have us have competed in a corporate environment, constantly under scrutiny, always being encouraged to improve in some way. 


There is another way...

Group coaching with other women is great for so many reasons.  It allows the opportunity to explore wants, needs and desires gently, without feeling hyper-focused upon, and with support and humour of others.  The realisation you are not alone in your search for your truth can help open the doors to further self-discovery, perhaps on a one to one level, with growth and in awareness and clarity.

I believe in a soft and supportive approach.  Small steps forward, learning to trust our intuition. It doesn't mean it is always easy, but it is always worth it.


You can become more fulfilled, connected and self-aware.

Self-awareness leads to better self-esteem, which in turn leads to the confidence required to step into the life you crave.

Be True to You runs for 6 weeks, in a small group, meeting weekly on Zoom. The topics are revealed each week, with course notes and suggested exercises. Weekly sessions are recorded, so you are able to catch up if you can't make one. There are dedicated Facebook and WhatsApp groups too.  

Here's just some of the kind words from other women who have attended the course:

"Thank you, we are only two weeks in and this course is already making me really focus on me for a change!  It's been great!" 

"I have found the course so good, much more than I thought when I booked.  It's been fascinating really, plus the other ladies are all so lovely!"

"Becky is a really great facilitator, and created a wonderful environment for the course, which covers a wide range of angles. I wasn’t particularly looking for coaching, but it was a great opportunity which has propelled me further into self growth."

"Just to say a huge thank you for all you do. You create such a safe and happy environment for people to come together where they can be open, honest, grow and make such positive changes to their lives."

Be True to You

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