Coaching and Sound Healing


"I have always been a bit sceptical of EVERYTHING in terms of healing with bowls or crystals etc. but as always you try again... I've just been to Rebecca about an hour ago and I feel AWESOME! I can't quite believe it, but my body and mind feel refreshed and energised. I don't remember how long ago I felt this kind of happy unjudged (by me) energy. She heard me. Actually heard me when we chatted and then she Tibetan bowl vibrated me out of my head into a safe and comforting state of mind. I normally have abundant self doubt and now feel like I am ok. that's crazy! I never feel ok. Maybe I can be me and do me. thank you! thank you! thank you!" 

B Reinhardt


Sound Healing

" I went to Heron Moon’s sound healing event with Tibetan singing bowls. It was very relaxing and helped me get into a deep meditative state. I recommend trying out a session"

T Driver

"Becky held the most beautiful 1:1 sound healing journey for me with her bowls. I felt so cared for, nurtured, and supported by a guided meditation and then the bowls experience I could drop into a space of relaxation. I felt really 'aligned' after the experience. My body felt lighter and more relaxed. I could feel a sense of joy and my body was so grateful for the experience! Becky is very intuitive and she supports a safe and healing space both in her way of listening and communicating, and with the bowls and guided meditation. Thank you Becky. I would highly recommend Becky as a coach and sound healer"

C Henderson

"Wonderful experience today. This is the third session now with Heron Moon. What a great way to start a Sunday!"

R Barabich

Case Study - Coaching


" I didn't know what to expect with life coaching, and as a naturally reserved person I was a bit sceptical about whether life coaching would really work for me. However, Becca put me at ease during our first conversation and we developed a good rapport. During our weekly sessions, Becca was incredibly supportive but also adept at helping me to address some of my negative thought processes and how to focus on tackling my insecurities, raise my confidence, and reach my goals through practical steps and tips.


As well as discussions, Becca set me a series of objectives to help me achieve my bigger goals. Each completed task made me confront my fears and increased my confidence because I had successfully moved to the next objective.


Over the weeks I felt I'd made significant steps.  I felt more confident about driving having followed Becca's instructions to visulaise what my life would be like after passing my test.


I struggled with feeling self-conscious about being out on my own in public places  - even in the work canteen. But Becca helped me to discuss my fears and the thought processes behind them and how I could think about things in a different, positive way.  As a result, it made me act differently.


I felt more empowered through Becca's guidance and I had more direction. I would often procrastinate and worry about the minutiae of things but she helped me to centre my thoughts, to think more clearly, positively and overcome the negative thought processes that have dogged my life, holding me back for years. Habits take time to develop but Becca showed me that over time new ones can be created.


With my new confidence, focus and support I passed my driving test and I relished going to lunch on my own - not just to the office canteen, but visiting coffee shops, cafes and parks.


The life coaching process has really had a transformative effect on my life. Becca's support, guidance, objectives and faith in me have empowered me to take things further: I went to Paris for four days, on my own; whilst there I visited French cafes and restaurants and went on a canal ride - surounded by couples. I also went to see family, that I'd never seen before, in Ghana on my own - my first experience of visiting the country; and I went on a singles holiday to Turkey. All of those trips have helped to cement and build on the skills and habits I have learned.


Friends and family were genuinely shocked at what I could do following my life coaching course.


I would definitely recommend life coaching to anyone who thinks they need direction, support and help to reach their goals or external help to break negative habits which can stop you from achieving what you want"

R.R - Journalist


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