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How to grow during a pandemic

I am not for one minute suggesting you should, but if growth is your intention, there is no reason why the pandemic should stop you. For some, this year has given us a lot to stimulate our grey matter, and lots of new space for contemplation. Others have worked harder than they ever have before and seen terrible sadness, some will have experienced triumphs and surges of self-worth. And sadly, some have lost jobs, businesses and loved ones, or found themselves lonely and isolated. No matter what the experience, there will be millions of different reactions to the changes encountered.

One thing is for sure: The human experience has been shoved under the microscope. Furthermore, the fragility of our existence thrown into stark reality. Woah! Don't underestimate it...we have arrived at a significant line - the one that divides pre and post-covid existance.

There is a range of infinite possibilities of how lives have played out this year, and there are very few who have not had to change their daily life. Everyone has been offered a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view life from a different perspective. This presents an opportunity for growth - the invitation challenge your long-held beliefs and embrace detachment and acceptance.

Your long-held beliefs influence you at all times. These create automatic thought patterns that unconsciously govern your behaviour. If you bring these beliefs into your conscious mind, observe and then release, you influence your psyche for the better. You get in touch with yourself, become more self-aware - then let it all go and return to the moment. Accept and let go, and learn to follow your intuition.

Over the past year I have witness so much healing and growth. I have followed my intuition and focused on my passion, with curiosity and by following my joy. I have been lucky to witness the self-love developing in others and how this has such a healing effect on those around them.

I am so proud of the successful running of three courses of Be True to You this year. It has provided a powerful cyberspace, for women to realise their truth and make positive changes. I am so excited about taking this course forward in 2021, in seeing who else grows and develops via the group exercises and support.

I am hoping for more reviews similar to these (could it be you?!):

"Thank you, we are only two weeks in and this course is already making me really focus on me for a change! It's been great!"

"I have found the course so good, much more than I thought when I booked. It's been fascinating really, plus the other ladies are all so lovely!"

"Becky is a really great facilitator, and created a wonderful environment for the course, which covers a wide range of angles. I wasn’t particularly looking for coaching, but it was a great opportunity which has propelled me further into self growth."

"Just to say a huge thank you for all you do. You create such a safe and happy environment for people to come together where they can be open, honest, grow and make such positive changes to their lives."

"I shall the miss the course so will definitely be looking at more"

"[I liked best} the opportunity to share the journey with such a lovely group of people. Sharing ideas and adopting other people's wins was just brilliant, really rewarding. Also it was such a warm and welcoming environment to grow in and the support and encouragement provided by Becky was excellent"

"I like how Rebecca is so approachable and seems to remember everything you say. I also loved listening to the other ladies and the connection we all made."

"I’ve enjoyed the coaching course, it’s good to have a focal point to take time to think and explore where I’m going. The coaching is friendly and supportive. I’ve enjoyed the live sessions, and the interaction with the lovely women in the group has been great."

"I’ve never tried group coaching before but I’m glad I did! Although I couldn’t make it for all six online sessions, I was really impressed with Becky’s coaching materials and how motivating it was to be on a Zoom call with other women who were aiming for similar goals to me. Becky’s experience shines through and she is really good at holding space for a number of people at once. She emails the course notes before the sessions which contain really helpful activities which really helped me to go deeper and ask the tricky questions, set goals and get really focussed on what I needed to do to move forwards and be more true to myself (to follow my heart over my head). She also recommends great self-development books each week which has helped me too. It’s clear that Becky is really passionate about coaching and helping people to reach their goals, she has a lot of empathy but is no-nonsense and tells it like it is too which is needed!

I can’t recommend group coaching with Becky highly enough!"

Whatever happens in 2021, one thing you can be sure of, you are taking yourself there.....

Doesn't it make sense to make things better during the year, since you are going there anyway?

You can use this time to learn skills and expand your self knowledge.

What do you get on Be True to You?

*You receive a subject for reflection revealed every week on exercise pages (to keep)

*Short meditation practice

*Group exercises and discussion each week (Mondays at 1pm or 7pm)

*Private Facebook group, with weekly recordings to watch back or if you miss a week

*Subjects such as: joyfulness, set-actualisation, your values and self-esteem

*An hour's personal coaching session, to take at anytime (worth £90)

When is it?

Next course starts on Monday 11th January - there are two zoom meetings at 1pm and 7pm - you may join either.

How much does it cost?

It costs £325 for the 6-week course

Any offers?

*You can save 25% if you book before midnight tonight (31st January) - use the code 2020 at checkout.

What about payment plans?

* If affordability is an issue, please make contact and I will see what I can do to help. Payment plans are most definitely possible, as are limited subsidised spaces

OR you may want to go for the self-guided version - notes are emailed to you every week and support is provided via email.

You can purchase this from the shop for £95 0r TODAY for £71.25 (using the code 2020)

For any enquiries, please email me:

Hope to connect with you soon.

Bye for now!

Be True to You - Ignite Your Passion and Release Your Purpose.

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