Individual Coaching

Life is wonderful, awkward, messy, fun, challenging, happy, sad, manic, scary, beautiful..... it's unpredictable and change is inevitable. 


At times it can be necessary to call on a bit of extra support to ensure you are on the right path.  Sometimes friends and family are too close and you need a guide to help you explore options and help you make decisions.  This is where a coach can be the best place to start.

I trained over 10 years ago, qualifying with a certificate and then a diploma with Newcastle college on a course written by the renowned and well-respected life coach and best-selling author Fiona Harrold. 

Over the years I have brought my coaching skills successfully into the workplace and developed my skills through self-study.

I have created a unique style of facilitating clients, using the initial skills I learned as an effective foundation, but have adapted over the years to reflect what I have learned from practice and life experience.


I want you to grow and develop and experience your life as fully as possible.  I want you to be fulfilled and to have resilience.  Nobody can be happy all of the time, but there are ways of managing stress and difficult circumstances that you can learn.  Also, you can be successful without setting huge goals.

With tried and tested techniques and gentle exploration we can work together to help you get to where you want and need to be next.

I believe in setting intentions, making small shifts to allow growth and development.  There is no need for daunting goals or for you to be hard on yourself.  I will encourage you to find the answers you are looking for within.

My life is by no means perfect and I am learning every day, but I have made some significant life-changing decisions over the past decade that have allowed me to realise my dreams.   

If you feel stuck and you are wondering what to do, why not set up a free phone or video call, or we can meet in person, with no obligation to commit?  You never know what delights might be store for you just around the corner.